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Unexplored paths+long tracks+fords+logs+horse=fun

Charlie and I hacked out for the first time today. Actually for the first time in while I've got some decent off-road tracks to explore with my equine companions.

Charlie is so LITTLE compared to other horses I've been riding recently. But he's all heart and willing to indulge my pioneering side. Have map, will travel. I'm well used to other riders giving me the incredulous, "You went WHERE?"

Byways and bridleways, off-piste a little through the woods, popping over logs, back on the byways, through a gravel-bottomed ford and a long canter up a perfect track. It all adds up to my sort of afternoon.

Charlie's legs might have been formed from mud when we set out but riding through fords, apart from being fun, has distinct benefits.

All mud gone........

I've also made friends with other members of Heather's Herd. Moby and Vincent will get some space on here I'm sure. I have to admit I'm not really one for whipping out the phone for photos and videos on a ride though - I'm usually having too much fun doing the riding.

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May 20, 2021

Quick question on taking photos or video; is the worry on phone falling or the rider?

May 21, 2021
Replying to

Trying again with a new method.... testing, testing...

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