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Images from Penang

Masjid Daerah Timur Laut, Penang
Sunset behind Masjid Daerah Timur Laut and a Penang skyline. Photo by author.

I never believed I would be so busy

I could spend all day taking photos in this place but I would never have enough time to sort them properly and post them. Time escapes me most of the time these days. There's always something else to do. If it's not work, personal projects or social media updates for the International Women's Association of Penang, it's housework, grocery shopping and indulgence in my passion - horse riding at AMS Equestrian Club.

So here are a few photo updates of life on this beautiful island in Malaysia.

Sunrise, early morning, Penang
Fishing boats return. Photo by author.

The soft lemony colours of an early morning over Penang. How lucky am I to be able to see this en route to the gym?

And then there was a glimpse of the sun itself...

Sunrise, Georgetown, Penang
Gurney sunrise. Photo by author.

Later in the day I met with friends at Shen Fu food court. We questioned the decision to sit outside when we noticed this...

Shen Fu, Penang, Malaysia
Storm clouds over Shen Fu food court. Photo by author.

...but in the end the storm went round us. So we moved all of us indoors for nothing. But the food was just as good.

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